SpaceX hires former NASA human-spaceflight chief

Feb 12, 2020
Always admired SpaceX for their space flight advances but they've now moved into my official space hero's category with the hiring of Gerst! Couldn't believe it when NASA dumped him.
Feb 14, 2020
Excellent Associate Administrators such as George Muller and my Human Space Flight Program (NASA OMSF) mentor Mr. Chuck Mathews for Apollo Skylab and Space, Station, Shuttle and Tug were some who made a success of the NASA Human Space Program.
Because of such Leadership I was able to work and receive Apollo Achievement Award and Office of Manned Space Flight Awards.
Gerst experience will help Elon Musk fulfil his dream and he will be known as we know these people and also Dr. Von Braun.
Dr Ravi Sharma

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