SpaceX is holding a Starship career day to ramp up its Mars colonization effort

Dec 20, 2019
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SpaceX is hosting a Starship career day today (Feb. 6) at the company's facility near the South Texas village of Boca Chica, where the big spaceship is coming together.

SpaceX is holding a Starship career day to ramp up its Mars colonization effort : Read more
This license application I previously posted is intended for SN1. Elon is also ramping up to build SN2 plus parts for SN3. If they run into a problem with SN1 they make changes to SN2 and fly it. It is his goal to totally build a Starship with a 3 month build time. He's gearing up for SN1 thru SN20.

Elon also stated that he will be hosting a dinner at his house for anyone interested in AI. A degree is not required. He has his own test. If interested you may contact him via SpaceX or Tesla.
Feb 1, 2020
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As I have commented elsewhere, the building techniques for the Starship are primitive and will not achieve the goal of a unit that can readily do continuous service for years. Elon is a genius on materials and design, but as in the original factory for the Tesla, he is just learning about manufacturing. A Starship factory will be a whole new level.

The current Starships are not going to meet his weight, strength and durability goals. And, most important, the current techniques are slow and error prone, which makes them uneconomic. I want the Mars colony as much as he does, even if I will not be able o survive the trip. Our species needs a restart, a safety valve, and a respite if one of the many possible disasters strikes Earth.