SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket on record 11th flight carrying 52 Star satellites

Feb 18, 2020
What Elon Musk said when the first Block 5 Falcon booster launched in May 2018 was:
The key to Block 5 is that it's designed to do 10 or more flights with no refurbishment between each flight -- or at least not scheduled refurbishment between each flight. The only thing that needs to change is you reload propellant and fly again."
We believe the Block 5 boosters are capable of on the order of at least 100 flights before being retired. Maybe more.
He also said:
Our goal, just to give you a sense of just how reusable the design can be, we intend to demonstrate two orbital launches of the same Block 5 vehicle within 24 hours, no later than next year.
Toward the end of next year we will see the first Block 5 seeing 10th flight.
The Falcon 9 has fallen far short of those very ambitious goals but those are now the goals for the Starship launch system.