SpaceX Star satellites responsible for over half of close encounters in orbit, scientist says

Aug 8, 2021
A storm in a teacup. As long as they are proactively manoeuvring and have their positions logged for other traffic, it's not that big a deal. I recollect that they are to deorbit them at the end of a short lifespan, being at a low 550km they will drop out of the sky fairly quickly, it's not like they will run out of fuel and pose a menace for thousands of years like some of the junk that is higher up.

There is a staggering number of dead satellites, launch vehicles etc up there that are the real issue, they are speeding vehicles without a driver at the helm. Along with the thousands and thousands of little bits of deliberately destroyed satellites and other debris. The focus shouldn't be on Artemis (as much as I'd love to get back to the moon soon) and other projects, the main players should focus on cleaning up the junk they have created so that they can continue to operate in earth orbit.

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