SpaceX Starship's next launch 'probably 3 to 5 weeks' away, Elon Musk says

Sep 20, 2020
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Admit a little disappointed at the delay, I'm sure month ago they were eyeing early May?
But I guess its to be expected. It looked like they were getting another ready, maybe they might try 2 test runs consecutively?
Feb 6, 2020
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Translation: 6 to 10 weeks.

From the days of Starhopper I'd been anticipating a gradual shift from linear cadence progress to exponential. That has been happening, but the exponent isn't very great, and isn't getting greater at any rate commensurate with getting manned missions to the Moon in under 4 years, or to Mars before 2035.
Putting a man on Mars is no problem. Getting him back is. You will have to send and build an oasis before you can send a man. And you will need gravity and shielding for the trip.

2035-------maybe cockroaches. A man would only demonstrate ego over reason. Hollywood over reality.

PR taken too far. What is the true value in going? Who benefits from the cost, time and resources?

There is nothing new there. Send probes to our outer edge, out beyond Pluto and farther for newness. Analyze the corrosion of our system.

We have recently found debris fields for all the planets. Perhaps our system leaves such.

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