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Oct 30, 2021
Honestly, I'm really growing weary of Ms Pultarova's non-stop personal FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) campaign against Starlink. Every article of hers lately is drama, hyperbole and complete negativity against Starlink, the bulk is absolute nonsense or concerns of some "expert" with questionable motivations.

She needs to move on. Her personal ties to the old legacy "Viasat" companies are more than obvious. Please stop writing this kind of garbage.

Some examples from the article:

The size and scale of the Starlink project concerns astronomers, who fear that the bright, orbiting objects will interfere with observations of the universe...

Guess what? Starlink is the ONLY company IN THE WORLD actively working with the National Science Foundation and the IAU to try to mitigate the impact on the astronomical community. Amazon has repeatedly declined the invitations. OneWeb has declined to discuss their satellites with the IAU.

Starlink has already made many changes to dramatically decrease the reflectivity including putting solar shields to lower the reflectivity.

Also, in previous articles she has posted an image of massive star trails that keeps making it's way around the internet in a negative campaign orchestrated by the old sat companies (Viasat & Hughes) and in the fact image is NOT of Starlink trails but trails made by GEO sats as the Zwicky Transient telescope stays locked on the stars thus rotates with the Earth.

In addition to the working to try to mitigate the visual impact, Starlink is working on minimizing the radio interference. Ms Pultarova had a FUD article a week ago that stated that Starlink negatively imacts radio astronomy. But the actual reference article said they "could" interfere with certain frequences that might be potentially used for radio science. But the researchers acknowledged in that article that these frequencies were not currently ones that Starlink had been required to not interfere with and further acknowledged that Starlink was in full compliance with regards to the frequencies most used and that they were requried to not interfer with.

Also, THIS statement from the NSF:

SpaceX also committed to coordinating with radio astronomy facilities to prevent Starlink satellites from beaming communications during observations. SpaceX and the NSF’s National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) completed several field tests with more tests planned to verify that radio astronomy observations will not be impacted.

Another nonsense statement from her "article":

spaceflight safety experts who now see Starlink as the number one source of collision hazard in Earth's orbit.

Absolutely untrue. The number one source of collision harzard is and will remain for some time debris from ASAT tests over the last few years as well as legacy satellites exploding/disintigrating on their own. Go have a look at Space Command's website. Starlink satellites are currently the ONLY satellites that have automatic collision detection and avoidence. Amazon's Kuiper? They declinced to comment. OneWeb? No means to do so.

And THIS???

In addition to that, some scientists worry that the amount of metal that will be burning up in Earth's atmosphere as old satellites are deorbited could trigger unpredictable changes to the planet's climate.

What utter nonsense! As JMB117 pointed out she fails to acknowledge the tons of space debris that burn up in the Earth's atmosphere on a daily basis.

She can bash Starlink all she wants but other companies will soon be coming online, as I mentioned Amazon's Kuiper network with 12,000+ satellites. Google is looking into it and now the traditional geo sat companies like Hughes/Dish are interested in mega clusters in LEO. Additionally the Air Force and Space Force are seeing the benefit to large clusters of LEO satellies.

Lest we forget other countries like China are working on their own mega clusters.

Ms Pultarova mentions in her bio she's an aspiring fiction writer. It looks to me like she's nailed it and should move on to pursuing that endevour.
Jun 29, 2023
I love your article. Yes! Starlink is a menace and should be taken down immediately.. It is polluting the skies! Countless people including my family from 3rd world countries are calling them aliens! Even so.. it so 20th century.. ground transmissiom has come a long way.. why have to deal with deterioraring satellites? honestly it could just be a coverup for military operations.. spacex does have military contracts

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