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'Star Trek: Fleet Command' mobile strategy game is beaming up the entire Trek timeline

Aug 25, 2020
I'm surprised Scopely's press release cited the new features were somehow available "now" when the blog post* we were directed to in-game refer to "soon". As an STFC player, I can confirm there has been no such update yet.

I also thought it interesting they touted this as "the first mobile game to ever capture the entire Trek universe". Star Trek Timelines, a game which debuted two years before Fleet Command, has revolved around this very concept and has already included content from new series like Discovery, Short Treks, and Picard**.

I understand a company being a bit braggadocious about a deal that will conceivably bring loads of new content to their product, but I'm curious to understand the context of their statements or if they expect no one to call their bluff.

* https://startrekfleetcommand.scopely.com/2020/08/24/expanding-our-horizons/
** https://play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=com.disruptorbeam.StarTrekTimelines&hl=en_US