Strange attractor of chaos; light time histories, the speed of light, the constant of 'c', is not photon dependent!

Everything, I mean everything, I've thought and advanced here on the forums should make plain that the speed of light is not photon dependent! It is Horizon of universe entity and therefore constant to itself, constant to that Horizon, not photon entity nor speed of photons dependent! I've described that repeatedly in different ways and measures intended to show that constancy . . . without any dependence on photons!

'Billslugg, without intending to do so, confirmed me in my realization of the above when he said the early universe was loaded with photons. Of course, my immediate realization on reading him was that the (high energy) microcosmic micro-verse and equally (high energy) macrocosmic macro-verse of (high energy) Quantum Mechanics is loaded with photons having differing properties of transformation and therefore, according to medium, differing speeds. A tendency to be a chameleon particle-wave with differing integral speeds that separate them from the constancy of the Horizon and therefore the horizon of the speed of light, the constant of 'c'! I've even identified and described the frame as single-side 2-dimensional frame having no rear or backside to it, with the sole exception, the cause of that void, that vacuum, that well, a graviton singularity.

What is the composition of the frame of light time histories at the speed of light 'c'? I can't tell there is any composition at all but the graviton singularity and the virtuality of the light time history until it is observed, then there are volume mass photons out of the black and emitted at the time; being of what is already there to produce them, so to speak, not before meeting, observation, or detection! That I can realize there is no other way those single-sided 2-dimensional virtual picture frames ('Flatland' frames! (frames of 'Flatland')) can do what they do at any distance across this screen and/or across the universe, other than gravity mirroring through and across space and time . . . its transit progression ruled by the Horizon (intrinsic integer!) constant 'c' in its multi-dimensionality, Photons are not, not even quanta physics are, in the picture of transit when photons are so completely, so totally, unreliable would-be vehicles! Photons are dark universe until they are made (lighted up) end receptors. The mirroring transit is intangible to the max of intangible until something realizes it to those photon end-game receptors.

If at any point in time I said in passing that it was dependent on photons, I wasn't thinking about it -- I wasn't putting two and two together -- at that point due to concentration on something else because it's so obvious from my presentations that I know differently! I do make mistakes . . . occasionally! Mostly when my wife of fifty-plus years has told me I've made one of them . . . or a ton of them!

".... Where the world exists objectively and independently of how we perceive it, to one where the act of observation is somehow fundamental to the nature of reality." -- Sean Carroll.

"The enigma at the heart of quantum reality can be summed up in a simple motto: what we see when we look at the world seems to be fundamentally different from what actually is." -- Sean Carroll.

What actually "is"!
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I'm coming more and more to realizing what the physic of 'virtuality' means to multiverse universes. How useful it is for universes to meet needs no other physics can handle. How fundamentally important it is to the Infinite Multiverse Universe. It is one heck of a handy tool (handy physic).
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I've made small but major and serious edits to my opening post which widen it and deepen it, I think. While keeping Hawking and his cohorts like Sean Carroll, I'm moving deeper into Newton and Einstein, and Greene and Kaku. My specialty in this game is that I am an "intuitive visual mathematician," not a mathematician as such, but born to step up levels of complexity and chaos, assuming a trojan 'observer' position, and look down into larger pictures. I can naturally and easily zoom out to zoom in; I've done it all my life, when it has been my interest to engage and do so.

In other words, I specialize in dimensionality, in the dimensions of things I'm interested in, reasonably studied enough in, reasonably aware enough in. I explain [myself] because I've spent a lifetime having to do it (I am often "overwhelming" I'm told) and, so, it has become my second nature to me to explain 'me'!

A light time history frame, at speed of light constant 'c' is single-sided 2-dimensional virtual 'Flatland' and not photon dependent, not quanta physics dependent, in transit anywhere. It meets the definition of being unobserved and unobservable universe until the very moment -- as Sean Carroll observes among a growing number of others -- it is observed. I've linked it to what it has been observed to be linked to all along, gravity's mirror mirroring . . . via my own [partial] realization of graviton singularity and now, a physic, or physics, of 'virtuality' (once upon a time identified, and still identified, as some other physics).

I may be a layman on the outside looking in, but I'm not beyond my depth. Of that I am quite certain.
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