Sun's mysterious pole and a 'solar hedgehog' revealed in closest-ever images of the sun

May 20, 2022
Is it just me or does there appear to be a mysterious ring shaped object orbiting near the south pole of the sun? Look just to the left side of the picture, it looks like some kind of a ball bearing donut.
Sep 11, 2020
Problem : the corona of the sun is being heated

Assumption: dark matter is raining down on the sun and as it is squeezed by gravity it heats up heating the corona. Liquid dark matter phase transitioning to gaseous dark matter also releases heat.

Problem : the area between the sun and the corona is much cooler

Assumption: as the gravity increases the dark matter condenses cooling this area(cooling being relative)

Problem : what causes coronal holes and sunspot’s

Assumption: as the condensed dark matter passes beneath the surface of the sun the temperature rises and the gravity decreases the dark matter reverts to its gaseous state. The closest release for this expansion is at the poles of the sun. As the dark matter nears the surface of the sun again most of it condenses and collapses which promotes circulation upward and outward. This results in the cooler areas on the surface of the sun.
This is what I think is creating the hedgehog.


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