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Jan 30, 2020
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Even before the beginning of recorded history, the mother of invention, and the reasoning for technology from every time period dating back to Neanderthal man has played a role in our species achieving where our existence has lead us into the year 2020.
We truly believe that we can not be alone in the infinity of this cosmic soup known as the Universe that is seemingly endless and goes on forever with its uncountable and immeasurable size whereas of the word and term that is used in this day and age that only describes the vastness of that word, space.
Yet our goal since the first man looked up into the great beyond of eternity known as the heavens or space and wondered what is out there, and ever since that first glance our species has been trying to find out.
Though without communication of one form or another that has been left behind and passed down by our ancestors over the centuries to tell the stories of how we became to be who we are, and our inquisitive curiosity to know more, than we would certainly be in a different situation than we are now.
Most everyone is aware in some way or manner that we live on a planet out in space; however what most people do not think about or realize is that our home Earth is the greatest wonder of all.
It is a living world that heals itself, and as most of you reading this know, our home doesn't need us to go on living, in fact our species is the biggest threat our planet has ever known.
Luckily we now know this and for the sake of 50/50 chance we are trying to reverse our foot print we have created over the centuries.
We live in a marvelous time of technology where at every turn is a first for something new and that is how it's been my entire life, born in 1960 I have had the opportunity to witness many technological inventions, and advancements in every field of study known to modern man and woman, and we are still over coming boundaries thought to be out of our reach due to the laws of all the different types of sciences, engineering, medicine, physics just to name a few of so many class diversification's there are in world today.
We cannot at any point return from where we were, we are now completely dependent on modern technology, and at any point moving forward in time if certain society's were to loose the abilities of electrical power it would change our current destiny in the terms of the future.
There are still diverse cultures of peoples around the world today who already live without modern conveniences, who still harvest the land and hunt animals for food as hunter gathers from which we all derived.
Technology is broad and covers almost every aspect worldwide.
Our species is about to embark on the greatest of human endeavors when we leave this planet to colonize another.
But at the forefront of this will also be the unknown, for the first time in our history men and women will use our current technology in every field of study, ( I hope ) and go where no person has gone before to live else where off planet Earth.
To all who will attend the journey to Mars may God speed with you and your families.


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