The 1st galaxies may have formed much earlier than we thought, James Webb Space Telescope reveals

"Objects at high redshifts (11 and above) can be detected only by infrared light, which is why Webb was crucial in observing these 87 galaxies. By comparison, the Hubble Space Telescope sees only from ultraviolet to near-infrared light, which is why astronomers previously thought there were very few galaxies beyond redshift 11."

I read some other reports on this and z ranges 11-20 it seems in the reports so possible, very large redshifts.

Astronomers suggest more galaxies were formed in the early universe than previously thought,

ref - First Batch of z ≈ 11–20 Candidate Objects Revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope Early Release Observations on SMACS 0723-73,, 28-Dec-2022.

My observation. Using cosmology calculators,, z = 20 with defaults, shows universe age at redshift 0.181 Gyr, light-time 13.541 Gyr, comoving radial distance 35.858 Gly., shows similar values. Age of universe at z=20, 0.179088 Gyr or 179 million years old when some of these galaxies formed in BB model and such large redshifts. Using H0=69 km/s/Mpc and 35.858 Gly for comoving radial distance, 4D space expands a bit faster than 2.5x c velocity. Important concepts to keep in mind when reading about *early galaxies* presented IAW the BB cosmology.
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