The bright Comet Leonard will pass a brilliant star cluster tonight and you can watch it live here


Oct 22, 2019
I was able to enjoy views of M3 and comet Leonard this morning using binoculars and telescope. Here is my observation report :)

"Observed 0500-0600 EST/1000-1100 UT. Sunrise 0708 EST/1208 UT. Stellarium 0.21.2 reports comet Leonard magnitude 6.22. Starry Night Pro Plus 8 reports magnitude 6.21. M3 reported at 6.88 Starry Night, Stellarium 6.20. site reports comet Leonard this morning magnitude 7.4. Using my 90-mm refractor telescope and 32-mm plossl eyepiece at 31x, magnitude looks accurate for the comet reported as 7.4. A diffuse coma near 9 arcminute angular size for the comet and M3 distinctly brighter in the FOV. True FOV ~ 96-arcminutes at 31x. Starry Night and Stellarium show about 47 arcminute angular separation between M3 and comet Leonard this morning near 0530 EST/1030 UT. While observing a Starlink satellite passed by the eyepiece FOV perhaps 4th magnitude, nearly between M3 and comet Leonard in their positions in the sky. Stellarium showed Starlink satellites passing by Canes Venatici and Bootes this morning before sunrise. In Leo, a meteor flashed and burned up, leaving a smoke train or trail that I could see using 10x50 binoculars easily. I first observed M3 and comet Leonard using 10x50 binoculars and then the telescope. The Telrad targeting device made it easy to locate and view. Perhaps someone will get an astrophotography image of the pair. I enjoyed the early morning views of M3 and Leonard this morning. Skies clear and temperature near 7C with west winds 10 knots."