The Elysium effect: The coming backlash to the billionaire 'NewSpace' revolution

Aug 14, 2020
Why spend the money on space when we have so many problems down here? The question should be self answering. 'Frontier' is the only answer to the "so many problems down here." As happened after 1492 when Europe opened the world as a new frontier, the imploding Old World itself became an exploding nova of New World Frontier. Frontier, rightly pursued (Exodus, Colonization, Commercialization, two way streets.....) is an exchange of expansive energies not just a one way street.

An Iron Curtain Bubble of physics is invincible in its load of chains of iron curtain bubbles' physics. It, Iron Curtain Bubble, is the master link. It is the sole part of the closed systemic physics that can break all open. Break it down and you break all, you open the system. We can't brink the vast mass and energy resources of space to Earth, but we can expand out to them. And in expanding out to them there is a return in energy to the Old World. The road itself is electric frontier.

The Iron Curtain Bubble of physics is invincible in its load of chains on the Old World except as the master link that we can bust via exodus and expansion and that busting will burst all the invincibility. The proof is not just in the physics, but in history; though out all history. Nothing else will work against the closed systemic world except a new birth out; except to open the universe to Earth life; to start getting out there in the biggest and soonest way possible. The word has to get out.
Oct 9, 2020
The Starlink network that SpaceX is building will bring internet to parts of the world that don't have it. That's the opposite of joyrides for billionaires.

Neither Bezos nor Musk started out billionaires. They got that way by starting businesses that employ a million people or more. We can certainly discuss whether their outsize share of the rewards from those businesses is fair, but that is not unique to them. It is systemic across our capitalist system that some people get rewarded far more than their share of the work they put in.

If there's to be a billionaire backlash, then address the root cause that creates them.
Oct 25, 2020
We have laid waste to much of Earth's lands and waters. Our air is polluted. Many species go extinct daily. Effects on climate do not seem something to brag about. Much garbage of our own making is in orbit close by. It took the pandemic and consequent lockdown to see parts of the planet start to stage a mini-comeback of sorts. As a species, we are not ready to go 'settle' anything, much less outer space. It would be far less glamorous but a sign of maturity achieved if we were to focus on cleaning up our own mess down here first. Having access to outer space because of money and technology is unfortunate and akin to handing the car keys to an irresponsible adolescent who cannot deal with far lesser tasks competently. Moving to a new neighborhood because you cannot bear the sight of your messy, unkempt home, overgrown yard, and rusting heap in the driveway is laughable and does not seem to be a just reward for bad behaviors which are self evident and continue to go unchecked.
Furthermore, in labeling Earth as near or soon to be unlivable and engaging in half-hearted restoration efforts at best, we are encouraging a mindset of not assuming full responsibility for our actions and doing nothing but propagating that way of thinking and acting. We have completely failed to understand our role as long-term keepers of a precious resource and, like so many locusts, have pillaged it overnight instead. While exploring space may be beneficial and in some ways inevitable, the motivation must be crystal clear. Do not pat yourself on the back and think you are an ace if you have not learned not to crap where you eat. What you were on Earth is what you will be on Mars and everywhere else.


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