The European Space Agency wants to be able to launch its own astronauts

Aug 6, 2021
It's about time, I'd say. The situation with Russia seems quite dire, and they've got several decades' worth of designing the building good working launch vehicles. I think they should take that step, and start launching their own astronauts. And they should ask Elon Musk about getting licenses to build SpaceX's SuperHeavy and StarShip while they're at it, to further lower the cost of getting into space - a development license, now I think of it, so that they're not constrained by the current status of the SH/SS combo. (And they're generally trusted by the US export controllers, so there should be no screaming tantrums by those in the current and future administrations fearful about Europeans getting hold of potential missile know-how. Only screaming fits by those admin/congresscritters terrified on competition.)