The James Webb Space Telescope has solved a lot of puzzles, and created a few more

Notably Webb has confirmed the LCDM cosmology, it is our understanding of star, galaxy and black hole evolution that may be in need of revisions. Since the article was written DESI has put out its cosmological results, and it too agrees with the age of the universe (agrees with CMB Hubble constant). It is when it overlaps with supernova surveys and adds those that there is significant disagreement. But the earlier eROSITA gamma sky survey used DESI quasars as well and made a model evaluation: the data supports LCDM, not new physics.
Well, I do not agree that Webb has confirmed the Lambda part of the theory. In the current theory, lambda is a constant, and the "Hubble tension" seems to indicate that it should be some sort of variable with time.

From GRT, I would not even be surprised if the rate of time passage is related to the mass density of the universe. But, we would have a very hard time figuring that out.