The mysterious core of Mars is on the large side, NASA's InSight lander data suggests

A ~ 1900 km (averaging the two results) diameter core over the previous estimate of 1500 km more than doubles the volume for the core.

Does this suggest and impact history for Mars? Or, does it effect the Theia theory for Earth any? Probably not the latter.
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"The article says, "Scientists are also using these observations to calculate the size of the core, with current best estimates ranging from 1,110 to 1,300 miles (1,780 to 2,080 kilometers) across. A second estimate of the same measurement produced by data gathered by InSight's seismometer offers a narrower but complementary range, 1,120 to 1,160 miles (1,810 to 1,860 km), although this estimate isn't final either, lead author Simon Stähler, a seismologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, emphasized in brief live remarks at LPSC on Thursday (March 18)."

This report from January 2020, calculated Mars core size some 1860 km in radii, not diameter.

Core formation and geophysical properties of Mars,, January 2020. "...Trade-offs in how these properties affect observable physical parameters like planetary mass, radius, moment of inertia, and tidal Love number k2 define a range of likely core radii: 1620-1870 km. Seismic velocity profiles for several combinations of model parameters have been used to predict seismic body-wave travel times and planetary normal mode frequencies. These results may be compared to forthcoming Martian seismic data to further constrain core formation conditions and geophysical properties."

Love number will affect how long Mars two small moons could be in orbit too.