The NASA monopoly on US orbital spaceflight is ending

May 13, 2020
Tourists in space. Will you book your next vacation in the Marriot, Hilton, Red Roof Inn or Salvation Army? With great amenities as Space Rations, hot and cold running water, and an awesome view of Earth. What would a "tourist" do on the Hotel built for two, at 55 million a pop. Once the thrill of gawking down on Earth is no longer hip, what else would a rich tourist do. Float around their cabin till they get bored stiff? An astronauts days are filled with things to do, a tourist day would be filled with absolutely nothing to do. Look at Earth, Float around, Eat. Use the bathroom. Float some more. Look at Earth again. Eat again. **** again. Sleep. Wow! Just imagine a whole week of this. It may take a while for the novelty of being in space to wear off, but after a few trips the novelty would wear off quickly. The pioneers of the tourist trap of the future have never been in the field of tourism, and they obviously don't know **** about the industry they are trying to recreate in space. This is not even the Titanic. At least the lower class had a place in the ships hold, this is just catering to the ultra-rich. They should get someone on board that has experience in retail and tourism, maybe they know what is wrong with this tourist trap. They call Times Square a Tourist Trap, but at least you have someplace to go, besides the other side of your room. Ok. There is the occasional space walk. At least you can get outside and stretch your legs, and look at Earth from a better advantage point. Remember. Hal's watching.