the powerful jet emerges from black hole

Jul 23, 2021
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I want to explain the explosion that sent the enormous mass from the black hole; The Blackhole has a center of gravity because space is in a vacuum. The stars, planets, anything else that gets trapped within the gravitational pull. Eventually, what goes in must come out. The center of the black hole could not support the enormous mass it had pulled in. hence the explosion. The mass farther away from the black hole is brighter because it is the center of the mass ejected first. The tail end is just that the tail of the explosion. There is also a tail in the front of the mass because when the mass slowed down, the lighter material extended to form front tails. You have just witnessed the birth of a new Galaxy. All the mass ejected from the black hole went beyond the boundaries of the galaxy. And will form a new Galaxy.
Aug 20, 2021
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It is indeed remarkably pointed towards our general direction, although such things become relative over those distances. That blue 'line' is about 5000 light years long (like 0,1% of the total distance from us to M87*), so while most of its particles travel down parallel paths, it's likely that a lot of the spread we see is because of the reduced distance of its "business end" compared to the source of the jet.
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Astronomers imaged jets of hot gas swirling out of a black hole at the heart of a nearby galaxy. Their findings suggest that all jets resemble one another, regardless of their black hole's mass. In 2019, the same researchers zoomed in on a black hole 6.5 billion times the mass of our sun.21 Jul 2021


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