The universe explained in All About Space magazine's latest issue


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
I have just finished reading it. It covers a great deal of information in an easily understandable way, and is ideal for the intended audience, I would think. I am a subscriber to All About Space, and can highly recommend it. (To be fair, I should say that I also subscribe to Astronomy and Astronomy Now.)

I didn't find any mention of the "t = 0" precursor, but I thought the conclusion was very fair.

"The LHC allows scientists to both confirm what we already suspect about the Standard Model and also see where the model falls short, and whether physicists may need to extend the theory or break the model apart altogether."

Maybe AAS could include a piece on the t = 0 scenario, as the singularity before the Big Bang (it is not included, since science cannot address a situation which depends on division by zero), needs to be replaced.

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