The universe might be shaped like a doughnut, not like a pancake, new research suggests

So far, this looks more like "Playing with Mathematics 101" than "explaining observations".

And, that definition of "flat" seems inadequate to determine what most people call "flat", which is a plane, not a cylinder, or a donut. or any other shape where "parallel" straight lines do not intersect each other. My definition of "flat" incudes that lines do not intersect themselves. If they do, then I, and probbly most others, would call it "curved".

And, how would we even recognize an image of our own galaxy from 1 or 2 billion years ago?
Mar 27, 2023
I have been waiting for this thing to come up mainstream. This is the truth. We may confirm it in a couple of decades or so. Moving in the right progression of knowledge...Don't ask from where I know this truth...(Many know this)

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