Top-Secret UFO Files Could 'Gravely Damage' US National Security if Released, Navy Says

May 8, 2020
This I do not understand. How can it threaten national securiy because alien life visits our planet, its something the whole world should, and probably does know about. These secretive bunch think we are here just to be their servants, their sheep to follow them, only speak when spoken to. I am a part of this Earth and I have every right to know who else is on it. Nobody should have these rights to lies, cover ups, and secrets and use national security as the excuse.. Everyone knows that aliens have visited or they are already here. I get fed up of the population being treated like we are nothing, we dont matter, we have no right to our own planet because the Governments, armies, and navys think THEY own it. Well I'm glad I had my own encounter with something from a different world, at least they can't take that away, and I dont have to be convinced that people from other planets exist, because I know.