Total solar eclipse 2024 thrills millions across North America (video, photos)

Enjoyable views of the solar eclipse 08-April-2024 today, it was partial at my location. Viewed 1222-1633 EDT. Weather mostly clear skies, some cirrus and altocumulus later after 1530 EDT. I used my 90-mm refractor telescope with glass white light solar filter. TeleVue 40-mm, 32-mm, and Orion Sirus 25-mm eyepieces for magnifications 25x to 40x. Sunspots visible reported at I used for tracking the Moon’s progress across the Sun. AR3633, AR3628 (AR3628 large group perhaps 2x earth diameter or so), AR3632, and AR3629 and AR3630. The Moon entered the solar disc at 1405 EDT and departed 1633 EDT. The Moon entered near AR2629/AR3630 and departed past AR3633 leaving the solar disc entirely visible. AR3628 ingress at 1447 EDT, sunspot region covered up. 1604 EDT. AR3628 back in view, egress. My view was north up, mirror reverse using the star diagonal. A friend near Little Rock AR could see the entire show and enjoyed it very much. We traded notes via cell phone calls. He enjoyed a very good view of totality, safely using approved glasses. He reported totality near 1451 EDT or 1351 CDT and the Sun coming back into view, a slice near 1455 EDT or 1355 CDT using my cell phone time. At my location, sunspot AR3632 was covered up at 1452 EDT or 1352 CDT. This was fun solar observing today! I could see lumpy areas along the lunar limb, areas of crater walls and other higher elevation terrain silhouetted by the Sun.