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OK Now. Re. post #1. Just for the sake of clarity and because I'm waiting for the 2nd pot of coffee to finish operating, Were the UFO's talking about the ISS? Or was the crew of the ISS talking about the UFO's? Or both? Could it be that the crew of the ISS was grousing about the food and supplies just delivered to the ISS. (The Chinese Space Station has a scrumptious menu for their crew meals).
Since this maudlin topic seems to have a life of it's own, let me throw better sense to the proverbial wind and report an outrageous, but untrue rumor. The renowned Mr. Bezos, of recent astronomical note, has now set in motion the corporate mechanism for consolidating global and space deliveries of food and other items via a space based Amazon delivery service. Just imagine Chinese cuisine from a famous chef in Beijing delivered to New York or an ISS by rocket or drone while still warm. Just "one fly in the ointment", (oops! perhaps a poor analogy), anyway, how does one sent the delivery back if it's the wrong order? ......... OK !!!! That's it.
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"DoorDash . . . " That's what you call our Delivereroo is it? Or do you have both?

I had never heard of Delivereroo. I assume it provides a similar service. Here in the U.S., DoorDash, you log onto their site and browse restaurants (usually fast food). Order some food, add a tip for the deliverer. The deliverer drops it at your doorstep and rings the bell. Enjoy. This is a service provided for restaurants that do not have their own delivery service. The deliverer and the restaurant get paid by DoorDash.