Unidirectional thrust from From Radiation pressure and Eddy current Repulsion

Jan 25, 2023
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while browsing for new propulsion methods I found the following interesting:

"Radiation pressure (also known as light pressure) is the mechanical pressure exerted upon any surface due to the exchange of momentum between the object and the electromagnetic field.
This includes the momentum of light or electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that is absorbed, reflected, or otherwise emitted (e.g. black-body radiation) by matter on any scale (from macroscopic objects to dust particles to gas molecules)."


So my question is: If a solenoid and a metal plate are attached together and they replace the light with an electromagnetic field from a solenoid, is it possible to have net thrust as shown in picture below? (Eddy current Repulsion Magnetic field from Solenoid and Metal Plate):


Perhaps it is better to Consider 2 cases :
Case 1 : Source of Light and Reflector plate attached together . Will there be Net Unidirectional thrust ?
Case 2 : Source of Magnetic field or Antenna and Metal reflector plate attached together . Will there be Net Unidirectional thrust ?

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