US condemns failed North Korean rocket launch as breach of international security: report

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The U.S. "condemning" anything that North Korea does in the way of rocket launches or nuclear technology is hardly "space news" and really just international politics that have had little effect on what North Korea does.

The interesting aspect is that the rocket vehicle failed, and seems to be the 3rd failure in 4 attempts. But, considering how little we are told about the particulars of the North Korean rockets, there just isn't much news content here.
Feb 22, 2023
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Several comments on this report. First I am not pro North Korea, however saying that, you can certainly understand North Korea's conundrum and feelings towards having their own nuclear weapons and rockets by the simple fact that Ukraine was invaded by Russia after being told that they should give up their own nuclear weapons. Both the US Europe and Russia gave assurances to Ukraine as to their security.

Further since North Korea and South Korea have never actually signed a peace treaty they are still in the state of war although nothing is actually happening. I truly think if the North Koreans were approached differently and given some carrots and I don't mean food and aid packages, but somehow given the opportunity to understand the rest of the world doesn't really care to invade them or take them over, maybe by tourism out of the country and into the country they would have a better understanding of world events and feelings.

As far as their rocket program, obviously it's foolish for them to spend money on rockets and engineering when they have people starving and electricity only going on for 2 or 3 hours at night.

I'm sure there's some more brilliant people out there that could figure out what to do to get North Korea into the fold of the world vs deciding that they have to be anti everybody else. Maybe whoever's going to be president in the next couple of months should invite Little Kim to the US for a tour. Maybe he should be invited to speak at the UN and he should be given a better welcome. Anyway it's a shame that the rocket did blow up
I think it is naïve to believe that North Korea can somehow be "convinced" to stop what it is doing and be integrated into the rest of the world to live peacefully ever after.

Look at what happened with Russia, which was well on its way to being peacefully integrated into the rest of the world. The people there "selected" a ruthless dictator to rule them, and he has used the paranoia he helped foster to justify armed conflicts with most of Russia's immediate neighbors, mainly because they don't like Putin. Russia is becoming more like North Korea. And, North Korea has developed the Kim Dynasty that perpetuates itself with paranoia about South Korea and the U.S. The Kim's are not going to relinquish their hold on their personal country, because it is not in their personal best interest. If the whole North Korean population were to realize what the Kims have done to them, the Kim's would be in mortal danger.

It used to be thought that a country with nuclear weapons would begin to realize that it is much less likely to be invaded, and then become less belligerent. But, as nuclear weapons are acquired by nearly all belligerent nations, the odds of conflict involving nuclear weapons seems to be increasing, now. Russia has threatened to use them if other countries strike inside Russia to hit the weapons that Russia is using to hit other countries from within its own boarders. And, some crazy dictator somewhere may some day decide that he will destroy the whole world if he can't control the whole world. Some religious zealots may even believe that it is their deity's will that they destroy the Earth, and that they will be rewarded in heaven for doing so.

The Kim's have been educated abroad, under assumed names, so they do know what life is like outside of North Korea. They just don't want their citizens to know. And, they may use China's invasion of Taiwan as an opportunity to invade South Korea, which could escalate out of control into a nuclear world war.

So, I am not at all sorry to read that a North Korean rocket blew-up. But, I don't expect that they will not be able to eventually succeed in orbiting satellites and developing nuclear warheads and ICBMs to deliver them.
An article that stuck to the launch failure aspects and did not have a solidly political title like "US condemns failed North Korean rocket launch as breach of international security" is much less likely to have comments that devolve into political chat.
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