Velocities Negative To Earth Observer's '0', Where Is The Traveler Headed?

A traveler takes off from the Earth accelerating in velocity to an escape velocity from the Earth to interplanetary space. He has self-propelling capability to keep on accelerating in velocity. He accelerates in velocity to a point of contracting the distances (the space and time) of interplanetary space to the point of achieving escape to interstellar space away from the solar system. He keeps on accelerating to a point of contracting the distances (the space and time) of interstellar space to the point of achieving escape to intergalactic space away from the Milky Way. If he keeps going in his acceleration in velocity he could contract the distances (the space and time) between galaxies of the universe, accelerating in contracting the local, relative, universe. This is all gain in positive velocity relative to the Earth observer's '0' as he sits very still in his chair at his light resolving telescope on Earth. But of course regarding the universe at large he isn't sitting still, the Earth itself being a ship traveling through space and time.

So a ship could possibly leave the Earth, the ship of Earth, and the ship of the solar system, and go negative in velocity with regard to Earth observer's '0' of velocity sitting still in his chair on Earth. But where is he going with such a constant deceleration in velocity? Just what is he on the way to becoming relative to from any such constant deceleration in velocity?

In all his acceleration he escaped up and out of a series of gravity wells. Planes of gravity. The Earth's. The solar system's. The galaxy's. Now, once he leaves the solar system's well, in order to do exactly the opposite of what he did earlier in this scenario he isn't bound for leaving the galaxy's well. In decelerating in velocity (vis-a-vis the Earth observer's velocity of '0') he is bound for getting deeper into the galaxy's well, essentially falling toward the great blackhole at the center of the Milky Way. He is accelerating in decelerating in velocity at an ever greater clip (again going negative in velocity -- at an ever greater clip -- relative to the Earth observer). The blackhole center of the Milky way is ever accelerating in expansion of event horizon in his observation. And the universe itself is ever accelerating in expansion toward infinity away from him at an ever greater clip, in his observation of it. He has survived his constant of deceleration in velocity (relative to the Earth observer's '0' of velocity) to this point. He has not long to continue to do so, continuing toward and down that expanding, acceleratingly expanding, chute of infinity of Big Crunch (which 'naked singularity' will eventually reach infinities of singularities (via heat) which will translate in superpositioning to infinities of Planck level super hot blue-white holes (quantum fluctuations) leaving nova like material existence -- primordial existence -- once more to finite universes). The irresistible force of the (ultimately decelerated in velocity and energy) immovable object.
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Stephen Hawking once thought it might be possible for a particle of information to go into the event horizon of a blackhole then be both there and somewhere else in the universe at that same time, the natural making of a quantum entanglement. I see the end product singularity and the Planck level beginning product quantum fluctuation as naturally produced quantum entanglement (naturally produced "spooky action at a distance'). The single of both ceasing to exist once the (material, primordial) action is done (something like when a mirrored anti-matter production embraces its mirror twin matter production, both originals will vanish).


I had originally thought of entitling this thread 'Velocities Negative To Earth Observer's '0', Where Are The "Impossible UFOs" Headed?'
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The infinite Universe (U) ('1') (the Big Crunch Vortex / Big Hole Vacuum / Big Mirror Mirroring to inifinity of....).

The 'naked singularity' of infinite Universe ('1') being its own mirror mirroring (('1') ('-1') net '0' and infinity of non-local, non-relative, point infinitesimals / infinity of finite local, relative, bubble universes).

Mirror mirroring the infinite Universe (('1') ('-1')) to fractal self-similarity. Except not exactly ((+) (-)) = (0) (horizon constant, neither infinite nor finite ((0) (c) (G) (?) (Planck) (BB)).

'c' a horizon constant no matter the relative velocity. Even to deceleration to velocities negative to Earth observer's '0' of velocity which I point out ultimately ends up in expanding the center of a galaxy to infinity, or rather to its infinite of 'naked singularity'. There are lesser destinations, the surface or center of the Earth, the suns at the center of solar systems, whatever, but no greater destinations (open systemically) of deceleration in velocity than the infinite of 'naked singularity'.

Closed systemically is quite another matter.

Again and again, and again, I've said there is no such thing as faster than light travel. That 'c' is a horizon constant, constant to all velocities, constant to the 'plane' of all planes of velocity. Effectively, that 'naked singularity' of plane is speed or velocity '0' (('c') ('-c') the mirror mirroring... even to infinity). One might say the irresistible force of the immovable object.

Try to travel faster than (('c') ('-c')). I can say with great confidence that "nothing" travels faster than it. Or, I can put it this way with equally great confidence, that "everything" travels faster than it.


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