Venus: The hot, hellish & volcanic planet

Okay, phosphine was referenced 7x in the article suggesting life on Venus, perhaps. We have methane on Earth where life is known today, we have methane on Mars, and now Enceladus has methane where life may exist. Accepting the postulate that the phosphine at Venus and methane on Mars and Enceladus shows life is there on these bodies in our solar system, we have the postulate that life can only arise via abiogenesis (no special creation) according to science. So based upon the latest findings for possible life reported in our solar system today, abiogenesis took place on Venus, abiogenesis took place on Earth, abiogenesis took place on Mars, and abiogenesis took place on Enceladus. Stunning how abiogenesis can create life on such a diversity of bodies in our solar system and how abiogenesis worked at 4 different locations in the solar system, long, long ago.

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