Voyager 1 verses remainder theorem

Jan 15, 2021
The voyager 1 has traveled 20.2 billion kms now the remainder theorem suggests that our earth has gone around the sun21262.26264157 times.
I mean I know that it's not the case but!
So 21262 years would have to pass before our earth traveled 20.2 billion kms
Were as in actual fact our earth has traveled 40'851'720'000. Kms in 43 years
Our earth does 30.5 kms/ sec.
Were as voyager 1 is doing a cool 15'103.119915 kms/ sec
Voyager1 is 495.184259 times faster than our earth.
What I don't get? My remainder theorem I use it for manuscript mathematics.
20200'000'000'000.=21262. Years remainder 0.26264157299*12=3.0 months remainder 0.15169887588*30=4.0 days remainder 0.5509662764*24=13 hours remainder 0.2231906336*60=13. Minutes remainder 0.391438016*60=23 seconds.
So that's 21262.years
3.0 months
4.0 days
13. Minutes
23. Seconds
The answer could mean one or two things. But I don't get why they are both wrong. Speed per second of the earth and voyager 1. Stands true.