Watch the Full Worm Moon rise tomorrow (March 7) in free telescope webcast

I enjoyed some lunar observing last evening with an almost Full Moon :)

Observed 1800-1930 EST. Sunset 1803 EST, Full Moon 07-Mar-2023 1240 UT. I enjoyed telescope views of the waxing gibbous Moon and Eta Leonis tonight at 25x. Near 1811 EST, Stellarium 1.2 showed the pair about 17 arcminutes apart, later near 1930 EST about 47 arcminutes apart. Viewing like this shows the Moon's faster orbital velocity in Leo tonight compared to Earth's rotation as the Moon and Eta Leonis rose. Eta Leonis position near the NE quadrant of the Moon’s limb, Mare Crisium visible. I also enjoyed some views of Mars in Taurus at 111x. Nothing special but the planet as a planetary shape and gibbous phase quite distinct near 8 arcsecond angular size. Stellarium 1.2 shows Mars 89.8% illuminated. As I observed, more cirrus clouds moved in near 1930 EST, so I decided to come inside for the evening. I used my 90-mm refractor telescope with TeleVue 40-mm plossl and TeleVue 9-mm Nagler eyepieces. Skies initially mostly clear, then cirrus bands moved in. Temperature 9C, winds NW/5 knots.