We Can't Possibly Occupy The Solar System, As Is! : (And Life At Large Couldn't Possibly Occupy Earth Either, As Was!)

We aren't going to occupy the territory of the Solar System as is in its natural state! It isn't enough! In no way can it ever be enough for life to expand into from the Earth in its natural state. Not even was the Earth billions of years ago. Life terraformed the Earth. Life, in the form of us and our symbiote AI pseudo-life will terraform the "high frontier" to suit a pyramid of expansionist Earth-life as we move further and further into it.

We cannot occupy the Solar System as is! It's far too few dimensions, far too little dimensionality, are/is completely useless dead alien environment and weight to Earth-life as is. We can do nothing with 99.9999...% of it as is, even to grow into as is! But it is a heck of a potential energetic mass resource for us to create with -- to form to our wants, needs, specifications, and, yes, protections like the bark of a tree and all other exoskeletal structures on Earth against all hellish environmental factors dangerous to soft-inner-core life. A vastness of elastically manipulative and creative mass and energy resource beyond our wildest dreams to literally sculpt and create life supporting structure and infrastructure (to literally convert to living animation) from, into the vastest reaches of the Solar System.

It will essentially be a vast new life of its own, and we will be its cellular structure and infrastructure making it up as we go about our own expanding, expansive, individual and individual group, and overall umbrella group, networks of life activity.

All one has to do to get a picture of its starting base is see the space station in '2001: A Space Odyssey', and / or the projected tourist hotel and utilitarian use station called "Voyager Station" shown in illustration on the internet (both having spin gravity). All one has to do to see the next steps up to colonies in space is do searches on the internet for "space colonies" or buy the books on "space industrialization" and "space colonization" from many sellers of books.

Space may be an alien dirty dangerous nearly uninhabitable, to uninhabitable, place and environment as is, as was the Earth at one time (and still is in places, especially in its largest elemental mass), but the Solar System's constituent elements; more simply, space's constituent elements; is the prime primal ingredient material of creation for life (the ingredient material to cook up a vastness of life activity in decentralized, detached, islanded terraforming of space itself).