'We're in a space race.' NASA chief says US 'better watch out' for China's moon goals

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China is a dictatorship that is spending large sums of money to become "dominant" in space, whatever that means. There is already competition for orbits, frequencies, etc. in Earth orbit. It would not surprise me if China and the U.S. have plans to land in the same places on the moon and use the same resources.

That could work out like Antarctica, where there is space to set up multiple facilities and no shortage of the things that Antarctica has.

But the Moon could be a different situation, if there is only sufficient water for a small colony.

However, I am not seeing how China could claim parts of the Moon, given that they are signatories to a treaty that says no nation should do that. And, how would the enforce such a claim. War on the Moon would precipitate war on Earth's surface.

So, at worst, we will probably get in each other's way if we don't have joint programs.

And joint programs look even less likely now that we have the current experience with Russia and the IST codependence. Do we really want to be commited to a colony program that depends on China when they decide to invade Taiwan?
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Apparently not when it comes to gene splicing. America put restrictions and bans on much of this research. But American tech went right to China and other countries, where it is not banned and their military funds and supports it. These are huge amounts of money and patents. Probably copied and printed in China. ha ha.

And with all other research it seems to be a 24 hr. turn around. Information is a true commodity now, and all seem to buy and sell it. Look how information has change this society in just a short time. And it's not true information. Information does not have to be true. To be valuable. Information only needs to be agreeable to be valuable. This is what what information has become. Agreeable.

Dis-agreeable information is now called mis-information.
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