What Are Gravitational Waves? What Makes Them Special. What is the Difference between Einstein and Newton’s definition of Gravity

Dec 26, 2019
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Gravity… when we think about it we would remember the famous Newton’s law of gravity -every particle in the universe is attracted to every other particle in the universe based upon their masses. And he concluded gravity is a pull.

Now after 200 years of Newton’s theory. Einstein, one of the greatest minds on the planet came up with the fascinated concept called the “Theory of Relativity” and changes the way we look at the most basic things of the universe like space and time. He explained gravity is a curvature in the 4-dimensional space-time proportional to the object masses. With this, he also explained a much more interesting concept called gravitational waves, which has revolutionized the way we study the Universe.

But what are these gravitational waves? What makes them so special. Let’s find the answer to these questions.

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Since gravitational waves can only be detected under such extreme circumstances, do they have such an effect on individual people? If you need something like colliding black holes to produce them are they not (apart from the ubiquitous tiny individual cases) irrelevant to each of us in practice?