What are sundogs and how do they form?

Aug 6, 2020
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You've only scratched the surface. On a late October afternoon about five years ago I was lucky enough to see much more than just a couple of Sundogs.

I saw the Parry Arc, the Upper Tangent, the Supralateral Arc, the Infralateral Arc, and the most impressive of them all - the Circumzenithal Arc, which appeared dead overhead.

The Circumzenithal Arc's colors were brighter than any rainbow I've ever seen! These apparitions appeared all together at the same time and persisted for well over an hour! Just amazing! Here's a labeled graphic to show you where to look and what you can expect to see if you're lucky...

Since that day, whenever I see similar sky conditions (high wispy clouds) I never fail to look up for the appearance of these beautiful "icebows"!

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