Question What do mountains do to help the gravity to balance the earth to orbit around the sun?

Jan 26, 2020
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Mountains have more highly concentrations of gravity pull than the flat land and that's why you become exhausted and tired when you climb a mountain because of, it is not that, the oxygen level of mountains is less than the flat earth but it is the concentration of the gravity pull of the mountains, the gravity pull is more concentrated on heavy and thick object than equal size object which is not thick and with highly consolidated mass.
The mass itself helps the gravity to become strong to create pressure. therefore, Mountains help gravity to become strong to balance the earth to orbit around the sun. each mountain occupies an area from the space otherwise, gravity would occupy to cover the gap. if there were no mountains, gravity could be too weak to sustain the earth's balance to orbit regularly around the sun, however, if there were no maintains exist on the earth, the gravity wouldn't able to balance the earth's directions to keep the it to orbit the sun, the mountains help the gravity to do its job smoothly.
my idea could be either true or false.
The largest difference in gravity between the largest mountain and sea level is about .7%. A 150 lb person would experience about ½ lb difference between the top of the mountain and the base, if that. The 50 pack you would probably be carrying up the mountain would weigh 100 times that. The thinner air on tall mountains is a major factor.
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