What does space do to the human body? 29 studies investigate the effects of exploration

What are the effects of zero G on an octopus? There may already be space adapted species on Earth. An octopus technician and repairman would be an extraordinary addition to a space habitat.

Warning! Octopi really like hiding out in (or behind) control panels and can literally find a way into every space aboard a space habitat. Snakes on planes are nothing compared to octopi in space habitats since they can mimic human operation of sophisticated controls. (Translation; they can push buttons and open doors)

The octopi labor unions also have their tentacles everywhere 😊.

It might take a few millennia to uplift Octopi to that level. Creating a space adapted (and distinct) species of human could be very problematic. Humans are designed for a particular ecological environment while some other Earth species might be naturals for space.

Someone might want to start work on how to develop interspecies economic systems. (and get the Octopi hooked on Hollywood movies)
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