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What If Space-Time Were 'Chunky'? It Would Forever Change the Nature of Reality.


Oct 22, 2019
The report says "A team of astronomers has proposed an ambitious new plan to use a fleet of tiny spacecraft to detect subtle changes in the speed of light, a hallmark of some of the most mind-bending theories of the cosmos. If space and time are indeed broken up into little bits, the research could pave the way for a completely new understanding of reality."

In cosmology, there is VSL theory too, Variable Speed of Light in the beginning vs. inflation model(s). My understanding, spectroscopy of distant starlight shows alpha, the fine structure constant similar to what we observe all around, i.e. c is finite velocity and unchanged as Einstein taught in Special Relativity for the foundation of E=mc^2. You would think, alpha would be a variable too that could be observed in starlight. Also we have astronomy discovering the finite velocity of light back in the 1670s when observations of Galilean moon eclipses and events took place. Light-travel-time was discovered across the solar system from Jupiter to Earth, still there today, e.g. space probe signals to Earth and back to space probe. We shall see if the quantum universe can be successfully merged with General Relativity and perhaps create the Grand Unification Theory or GUT :)
Nov 23, 2019
Following are some of my thoughts on the matter. According to current theory, small pieces of randomly moving matter in space attract each other with their individual minuscule gravitational fields and thereby eventually form increasing larger amounts of matter, eventually leading to stars and planets. The high concentrations of matter warp nearby space-time and create a gravity effect.

The Einstein field equations EFE describe the fundamental interaction of gravitation as a result of spacetime being curved by matter and energy. A re-interpretation of the EFE could lead to the following alternative explanation of how matter collects to form planets and stars, and how spacetime is warped by matter. Rather than matter first collecting, and then distorting space-time and thereby creating gravity effect, I hypothesize that discontinuous areas of SpaceTime could result in concentrated areas of gravity which then attract collections of matter. In a way, this is a reversal of the classic chicken (matter) or the egg (gravity) argument.