What is a supernova?

Cat: My "gripe" is that I'm running out of time waiting for that stupid star to stop fooling around and put on a show. Afterall, brilliantly shining for billions of years should be enough for any big shot, narcistic star. Oh well! At least I can have the satisfaction of whining about having to wait.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Sam85geo, sadly that stupid star has not yet received your thoughts and wishes, being light years away; unless, of course, you believe that thought travels instantaneously. However, that would still assume that stars are capable of telepathy?
Did you direct your thoughts in exactly the right direction? Doubtless, when, eventually, your thoughts are received, the nova will put on a super show!
Don't worry, I am not being serious! :) :) :)

Cat :)
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