What is the cosmic microwave background?

Nov 19, 2021
Penzias and Wilson unknowingly scooped Dicke for the Physics Nobel Prize awarded in 1978. Dicke was looking for the CMB signal and was first to point out Penzias and Wilson for having seen it. Penzias and Wilson got the Nobel Prize even though they didn't know what the signal was when the saw it.

Ed Teller scooped the entire development team on the hydrogen bomb. He wanted to be Administrator at Los Alamos but was turned down due to lack of people skills. He plotted his revenge carefully, showing anger at having been turned down then refusing to accompany the other scientists to Eniwetok. He knew the bomb would go off at 7:15AM Eniwetok time on Nov 1, he knew they would observe a one hour moratorium on an announcement to get their stories written, he knew the initial compression wave would take 11m 18 sec to get to Berkeley where he waited by a seismograph. When he saw the correct wave, from the correct direction, at the corrrect magnitude he telegrammed the rest of the "Rump Team" at Los Alamos an unclassified message "It's a boy". He thus got the credit for the discovery.
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