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What is the safest place in our solar system to store an archive of human existence?

Oct 26, 2019
We store information and plant seeds etc etc in various places on Earth in case of catastrophes. As we know all our eggs are in one basket , the planet we live on. Where else can a stable , safe , accessible place be found off Earth?
Oct 27, 2019
Thank you! Spread copies of our knowledge to many places in many moons seems to be the best bet for something of us surviving . Glad we keep on finding more and more moons!
Whenever they do find suitable places to store all we know as a species, I certainly hope each site is marked with some kind of beacon to mark it as an important depository of knowledge of Earth. Maybe also have a full and concise map of our solar system as it is when the information is deposited in case of a planet wide disaster.
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Oct 21, 2019
Earth, of course. Though there may be pandemics, ecological annihilations, K-T level impacts, Yellowstone Caldera eruptions, and other major worldwide catastrophes, those will only effect the very surface of the Earth. 99.9% of the Earth will remain intact. Deep under Antarctica, deep within large mountains, deep at the margins of spreading ocean trenches, would be quite safe for a billion years. Visitors from another star system would naturally look at this planet first, since it is the most likely to have harbored life at one time, even if devoid of life when they arrive.


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