When will the sun die?

As hydrogen is converted to helium, the core becomes denser and hotter, and the Sun gets brighter. The luminosity of the Sun has increased some 30% or so since it became a main sequence star. Sometime a billion or so years from now the Sun’s output will be enough to vaporize the Earth’s oceans. Then it will be a true sister of Venus. We’ll have to move.
Jan 8, 2022
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Kind of reminds me of how my wife cares for her plants, as well as, reminding me of a life lesson: the grass is always greener where you water it.

Can we just give it a drink of heavy water? ;)
For the core to be come denser and for the core to hold 95% of the mass of the solar system.
You need to understand condensates and their Transients.

Compaction every Transients has the same electromagnetic properties.
Normal matter 10*5
Neutron matter 10*17
Quark matter and its composites up to about 10*25 compaction possible transient forming vector fields that mimmic Black Hole Properties.
Partonic(Preon) matter towards 10*30 something
Axion Gluon Matter 10*35 compaction limited by the finest mass.

Even so compaction reaches 10*35 it does not form a Singularity, because the compaction from Normal Matter to Axion Matter has a property Chiral Supersymmetry that creates a Dipolar Electromagnetic Vector Fields as in Vortices.

Think about it for a second, why should this process give long jeopardy to our Sun.


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