Which of the four terrestrial planets has the strongest magnetic field, Mars, Mercury, Venus, or Earth?

Oct 23, 2020
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Talking about the magnetic field which planet has the strongest one? I assume it might be Earth.
The four giant planets have rather strong magnetic fields. Amongst the terrestrial planets, only the Earth has a moderately strong magnetic field, but weaker than those of the giant planets. Mercury, like the Earth, has a self-sustained dipole magnetic field, but much weaker than that of the Earth. The Moon, and possibly Mars, appear to have had ancient planetary dynamos, but not anymore. Finally, Venus also does not have a self-sustained dipole magnetic field.
One prior explanation for why the Moon and Mars do not have self-sustained dipole magnetic fields has fallen by the wayside. It was long posited that the cores of the Moon and Mars have long since frozen. This is not the case. Analyses of the gravity fields of the Moon and Mars have shown that those two objects have partially molten cores consisting of iron and other elements, just like the Earth.

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