Why does Jupiter change its stripes? Scientists may finally have the answer

How much energy can the sun deposit on Jupiter? How much energy can the magnetic field induce at the poles with the solar charge wind? Heating the equator would coriolis the atmosphere like here. And spread heat and travel to the poles.

But, if it were heated at the poles......we should get climate bands instead. The only coriolis is at the boundaries of temp or density bands. A banded atmosphere.
Sun deposits 1366 watts/m^2 on Earth.
It will vary by the inverse square of the distance from the Sun.
Earth is at 1 AU, Jupiter at 5.2 AU.
Jupiter insolation is thus: (1366 w/m^2 ) x (1/5.2)^2 = 50 watts per square meter but this strikes only on one side of Jupiter. Averaged over the entire surface area the insolation number must be multiplied by .2488. So Jupiter gets about 12 watts/m^2 from the Sun, of which half is reflected, meaning only 6.6 goes in. But 14 goes out. The remaining 7 is internal heat.

Here is some data:
Jupiter’s radiant energies and internal heat
Parameter Power
Reflected solar radiation 6.693 ± 0.160 W m−2
Absorbed solar radiation 6.613 ± 0.160 W m−2
Emitted thermal radiation 14.098 ± 0.031 W m−2
Internal heat 7.485 ± 0.163 W m−2

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