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Why fails SETI? - Why the Fermi paradox?

Oct 30, 2019
Well I am no scientist but even for me it is obvious why SETI in more than 50 years did not detect any intelligent radio signal and why Fermi was asking “Where is anybody”?

I think they were and they still are simply looking in the wrong direction. Why would any advanced intelligent civilization use radio waves or light waves for their communication? Only because our scientists think, it is the fastest way of communication? Oh come on, 300 years ago we used smoke signals, 200 years ago we used Morse codes and the electric telegraph, since 100 years we use radio waves. An intelligent civilization might be thousands or even millions of years ahead of us and our scientists really think they use radio waves?

Radio waves are fast, but even a radio signal needs about 15-25 minutes to reach Mars, 70-80 minutes to reach Saturn and approx. 4 hours to reach Pluto. And that’s the time it needs for any communication only within our solar system, a radio message to our closest star Alpha Centauri would take already more than 4 years.

Now imagine an interstellar travelling spaceship which is in trouble and needs urgent help. They are at one end of our galaxy and their home planet is located at the other end of the galaxy. Now would they send a radio message like “Houston, we have a problem” they would have to wait around 200,000 years for an answer. Not exactly very efficient and helpful right?

So what kind of communication might they use? Well, the only possible answer is: something which is instant, something we yet have to discover and therefore we are still not able to detect.

Maybe in some thousand years the human brain will evolve so far that we are capable of Telepathy which would be an instant form of communication. A communication form based on Quantum mechanics, where two particles interact instantaneously regardless how far they are apart might be another way of an instant communication. But I guess they would use something we still can´t even imagine.

Well forgive me if my thoughts sound naive or even stupid, but as I mentioned, I am no scientist and I personally think projects like SETI and Breakthrough Listen simply take the wrong approach to detect intelligent life which for sure must be anywhere out there.
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Oct 23, 2019
The answer is probably much simpler. Either there are no other technologically advanced civilizations out there or, rather than wast energy with general broadcasts they use tight focused beams at the highest frequency the intervening interstellar medium will allow. Either way we our listening posts will come up empty.


Oct 22, 2019
An assumption made in this discussion about intelligent life communicating and we on Earth detecting, concerns the origin of life in the universe. Where did life come from? Does life evolve via what I call, spontaneous combustion from non-living matter? The dominant form of matter in the universe we see in astronomy is plasma, e.g. stars and hot gases. We also have some 4,000 or more exoplanets documented but no signs of E.T. phoning home from those locations.