Why physicists are determined to prove Galileo and Einstein wrong

Physicists dropped objects on a satellite for two years to test Galileo's theory of falling objects.

Why physicists are determined to prove Galileo and Einstein wrong : Read more

"Now, after spending two years dropping two objects of different mass into a free fall in a satellite, a group of scientists has concluded that Galileo and Einstein were right: The objects fell at a rate that was within two-trillionths of a percent of each other, according to a new study...."Quantum mechanics and general relativity, which are the two basic theories all of physics is built on today ...are still not unified," Wolf told Live Science."

Einstein GR passes the tests and this report shows another test, conducted for two years where Einstein passed. I think as the report indicates, the big issue is quantum mechanics with quantum gravity vs. GR. Quantum gravity is foundational to modern cosmology like inflation, multiverse, and string theory. GR testing since the 1919, total solar eclipse and other measurements like quasar gravitational lensing, Type Ia SN gravitational lensing, and gravity waves, keeps passing the reviews :) Even Mercury's orbit in the solar system showed Einstein was correct. In quantum mechanics, some very interesting issues arise based upon observations and measurements. I was told recently about QM, "We all know that a watched pot never boils, but this isn't true with a quantum mechanical pot. An unwatched quantum mechanical pot neither boils nor doesn’t boil. Rather, it exists in a metastate of both boiling and not boiling. The quantum mechanical pot assumes a state of boiling or not boiling only when someone observes it. Therefore, it is proper to say that a watched quantum mechanical pot never boils or always boils."

This does not apply to telescope observations of the Galilean moons and eclipses events there. When I view an Io transit event at Jupiter, the other telescope user sees the same event but we do not see Io occulted concurrently with the transit event. It seems QM has a limited domain where it works and does not work.
Dec 5, 2019
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Anonymous010 I agree and I came up with a relatively (pun) simple possible explanation but it requires an assumption. The assumption is that particles that collide head on are differentiated from particles that collide less forcefully because they are traveling in the same or similar directions. Let's also assume that energy is entering our universe (a sphere say) from the outside, It's photons and hard radiation. Lets say that they interact with the photons and particles in our universe in two ways. One is head on and the other is coming up behind particles moving in the same direction. If they can speed up the ones that are interacted with from behind more than they slow down those they meet head on then you get a counter-intuitive situation where the incoming radiation has a net effect of speeding up the expansion of our universe.
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