Why some fluffy galaxies centres are empty space instead of blackhole/heavy object?

Mar 19, 2020
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Fluffy galaxies do not require dark matter to explain their star rotation with respect to their center even they have empty space at the center. like in the below link. how does this galaxy rotate following general relativity Vs galaxies with a black hole at center?



"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Well, there you go! Sometimes all those valuable bits of stuff get used up, just like in planet formation when the absence of drag due to residual particles ceases and the number of satellites is ordained accordingly. Wouldn't you agree?
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That "hole" in the center appears to be made up of old stars, with a bright peak at the core. And there is a spiral nature to it. There is no mention of dark energy in the article. It appears to fall under the class of "flocculent spiral galaxy." Such galaxies are not so rare (30% of all spirals), but this one is striking in its appearance. It might win first prize in a flocculent spiral galaxy contest!

Half of this story is about other space telescopes and what they will tell us. Guess there was not a lot to say about this galaxy.

Whatever this galaxy is about, it has nothing on Dragonfly 44:


This picture is just to show the color of a quasar.

The empty space and central body has the same odd coloration as a quasar. Kind of a golden to sometimes red color.

(speculation) This looks like the aftermath of a black hole flipping to a white hole (quasar).

Black holes do not appear to be stable unless surrounded by other mass (slower time). This looks like a black hole that consumed the local shielding mass and went unstable.

Here is Arp 147. Named after Halton Arp. Halton Arp thought that quasars were expelled from galactic cores.

Both of these galaxies are missing their cores. Any argument that these galaxies formed this way is utterly ludicrous. You will find lots of gibberish in the scientific literature supporting such a view.

A black hole is not a passive immovable mass as described by the priests of General Relativity. A passive immovable mass cannot just pick up and walk away. When those core black holes left, they also blew away a lot of stars within thousands of light years of the core.

Why is the phenomenon (and physics) of Black Holes blowing up missing from the scientific literature?

Why is Dark Matter (which has never been directly detected) part of the current orthodoxy?

Good physics is missing while bad physics is put in its place without even a mumbled apology. The orthodoxy has a use for the fictional “Dark Matter” even though they know it is not true. Religion and Science both have hierarchies of priests who serve agendas that are not related to either religion or science.

(I always wanted to grow up to be a heretic 😊)
Arp 147 is a pair of "ring galaxies" that formed when the two collided to create the image posted above. They are not "flocculent galaxies", and do not behave outside the realm of standard galactic interactions. Their formation occurred during a nearly full-on collision. Nothing out of the ordinary for standard galaxy interactions, except for their appearance.

It seems appropriate to point out the salient features of these galaxies in an attempt to reveal their true nature. Most astronomers would tell us these ring galaxies are usually formed by colliding spirals and ellipticals, simply requiring unique alignments of both. For that reason, they are not very common.

from wiki:

"The system (Arp 147) was formed when a spiral galaxy (image right) collided with an elliptical galaxy (image left)."

" Other astronomers think that rings are formed around some galaxies when external accretion takes place."

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Can anyone post an X-Ray image of NGC 2775. Chandra or ROSAT would be fine.

Its the identical galaxy in the article except in X-ray form.

Google is getting playful and playing keep away. Does anybody else have problems with scientific click bait?
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(click) (click) (click) Its not going anywhere ☹

I have found that when basic information is not available (that the game is afoot).

Quasars represent some sort of problem to the fake orthodoxy of General Relativity.

Quasars represent a special case where a fixed object has a red shift. The special case of a red shift in quasars being a temporal phenomenon (not a distance indicator related to the Hubble Constant). This is a slightly more detailed argument than the one put forth by Halton Arp.

The Black Hole in NGC 2775 went quasar blowing a big hole in that galaxy.

The absence of public X-ray images of NGC 2775 suggests that the X-ray image is more heretical than the visual image.

My guess is that the entire spherical volume in the center of the galaxy is showing up in the X-ray band. The orthodoxy also blames black holes for most X-rays and it would be obvious from simple inspection that this volume would be atypical for Black Holes.

Another mystery that will never be solved.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
By strange coincidence, there is a double page spread of NGC 2775 pages 12-13 in Astronomy Now August 2020. Sadly not X-ray. It comments:

"About a third of all spiral galaxies are flocculent, but rarely are they as picturesque as NGC 2775. Adding to the aesthetic in this eerie, glowing blandness of the galaxy's core, where all the gas has been used up and no ne star formation has taken place for billions of years. All that remains of the galaxy's interior are older, cooler stars contributing to the uniform red-tinted glow, giving the overall impression of a ring- or doughnut- shape. Image Hubble" etc.
How much redshift would a leaking/failing black hole event horizon produce?

A gravitational mass does produce a small red shift in the light that it emits.

A black hole would produce a huge gravitational gradient between the stopped time of the black hole and the fast time of interstellar space.

Any bets that the ring of NGC 2775 and the core of NGC 2775 have different redshifts?

Two parts of a single object (ignoring rotation) having radically different redshifts would blow GR right out of the water.
That yellow glow that comes from Quasars is called a radiation halo. In the case of Quasars, it tends to indicate a massive X-ray output. The X-rays are absorbed by interstellar gas (and dust?) causing them to go to a higher energy state. The excited gas emits one or more photons to return to a ground state. The X-ray radiation from the Quasar causes the surrounding gas in interstellar space to glow or emit light.

There are also line emission galaxies which do the same thing with Active Galactic Nuclei AGN class. The phenomenon in AGN is supposedly caused by the interaction of Black Holes and accretion disks.

The core of NGC 2775 is X-ray hot which would be difficult to explain since there are no obvious dark clumps of matter present in the mostly vacant core.

Nothing (except click bait) on finding either a detailed radio or X-ray image of either NGC 2775 or a similar ringed system called Hoag’s Object.

The Empire would have taken both X-ray and Radio Telescope measurements of these objects. They also do not appear (in any detail) in any of the widefield surveys either. When scientific information is obviously missing how is it not a conspiracy?