Why will NASA's Artemis 2 only fly around the moon, not orbit or land?

Jul 10, 2020
So much for one of the "the moon landings never happened" points where they say humans could not survive going out past the van allen belt.
I guess when these astronauts come back alive, that's one more of their points disproven. Not that any of them really stand up anyway....They will likely say this program is fake too.
May 18, 2023
Honestly this is like watching paint dry. How many years delayed was the first Artemis launch? Now at least another 18 months ( 2 full years between Artemis 1 and 2 ) before essentially repeating Artemis 1 . Then maybe a moon landing late 2025 at the earliest? !!!!
If we were landing on the moon for the first time I get it. But we did that over 50 years ago now with just a fraction of the technical ability and virtually no experience.

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