Will JWST be able to see/quantify phosphorus in the atmospheres of exoplanets?

Jul 17, 2022
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I recently watched another great youtube video by Isaac Arthur that went into some great detail about the importance of phosphorus for life as we know it. With the first batch of science from JWST, I know we got a peek into some of the composition of a Jupiter like exoplanet and confirmation of the presence of water. I was wondering if JWST would also be able to detect and possible quantify the amount of phosphorus in the atmospheres of exoplanets?
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The Phosphorus Cycle on Earth · by C Sousa-Silva · 2020 · Cited by 82 — It has been postulated that elemental phosphorus species originating from the photolysis of phosphine are responsible for ...

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by NR Hinkel · 2020 · Cited by 9 — We are particularly interested in P, N, and C because they are primary elements required for life on Earth. As the limiting nutrients for central (also known ...

Is Phosphorus a Sign of Life-Friendly Worlds?
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17 Sept 2020 — Is phosphorus a sign of life-friendly worlds? A new study suggests solar systems rich in phosphorus may be likely places to find life.

Searching for habitable exoplanets? Look for phosphorus
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1 Oct 2020 — Scientists develop a new way to search for potentially habitable exoplanets by measuring the amount of phosphorus in their stars.

Phosphorus surrounding distant stars could be a sign of life ...
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25 Sept 2020 — Exoplanets orbiting stars rich in phosphorus may be more likely to develop life, a new study suggests. Image credit: The Cosmic Companion/ ...

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