Wonder at the colorful Orion nebula in the southwestern sky throughout March

M42 is an excellent telescope target. I use 90-mm refractor and 10-inch Newtonian telescopes. Some great views. Rigel a great double star, 71x does the job very nice or higher power. Since 12/16/22 thru 02/23/23, I logged 5 views of M42. Large arc and nebulosity all around. In my 10-inch at 150x, I can see 5 stars in the Trapezium. I do not use nebula filters. When I did, fainter stars were obscured in the nebulosity. Do I see colors? No, mostly gray/grayish-white areas and very dark nebula cloud outlines. However, M42 is a wonderful sight in my 90-mm refractor telescope and 10-inch Newtonian, especially using a 2-inch, low power eyepiece.

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