Question You have won a trip to anywhere in The Universe! Now, where will you go, and why?!

This is of course a scam, like winning a free cruise you have heard from all those robocalls. Only this one is real in the sense you can go there with a "thought trek". And no credit cards are needed!! It is completely free! (Pets, alien or otherwise, are not allowed.)

The trip only requires that you are still a present-day human, and will be protected from all the nasty hazards of various places like AGNs, with no supernovas tearing you apart, or gravitational forces shredding you into pasta. Your spaceship will allow you to view everything at your destination, but the time frame is limited depending on where you want to go. Surely nobody wants to read about any long, boring vacation through almost 14 billion years of the formation of The Universe.

So if you go to the start of the Big Bang, you have to tell us what fraction-of-a-second time frame you want to observe - try to keep it short since so much happens so quickly. Or if you want to watch a solar system form, we might spare you a few hundred million years. Please follow the cosmic tour book : keep it short and sweet.

Pick a unique destination with a limited time frame. Then tell us where it is, and why you want to go there!
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