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I have always been interested in space-related topics.
Still, the two books I published in the 1990s "Building Dependable Systems: The VMS Approach" and "Building Dependable Systems: The OpenVMS Approach" cover all types of computerized systems and how to make sure that they always work when you need them to work. Computers on spacecraft would be excellent examples of: "MUST NOT FAIL" systems.
I tried to ask a question in a forum on Capstone (lunar orbiter) as relates to the upcoming Luna-Net program due to provide network coms and positioning feedback with future cislunar orbiters and landers, but I was not allowed to post my question. :mad:
You tried posting on this site?
Ex Air Force flight instructor, Airline Training Captain , and now Flight Simulator Instructor on the B738 and the Airbus A210.
The Mars Rover landing is a historic achievement and moment. My question is: what were the observed differences in the atmospheric parameters for the conduct of a flight on the planet Mars versus the planet Earth.
Loving anything that is going on 'out there'.Always looking up in the night skyes hopeful yo see something amazing.The most special event I have ever seen was Halleys comet.It was spectacular!
👋 Hi! I'm new to this site and if you could give me some tips, that would be great! I am deeply interested in theoretical sciences. (especially space) I look forward to getting to know some of you!:blush::blush::blush: